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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Our Flower Garden Community

Not long ago, a family member gave me some orchids she no longer had room for. As someone who grows vegetables, I was a little nervous because I've always been told how difficult orchids are and I didn’t feel like I had the time to devote to yet another challenge, especially since it was spring and, as anyone knows, the busiest time of the year on a farm. So I set them in the greenhouse and all but forgot about them except to toss a little water their way from time to time.

One day, as I was working in the greenhouse, some color caught my eye and as I turned to look I saw beautiful flowers on several of the orchids. I had no idea orchids came in so many shapes and colors! As it turns out, my lack of attention was exactly what they needed to start flowering again. Orchids, at least these ones, do best when they are in high humidity and seldom watered. I thought about this as I joyfully observed my new flowers and realized that trying to treat an orchid like an African violet doesn’t work any better than treating an African violet like a tomato. It also occurred to me that that's how we all are, in a way.

Our community is made up of many types of “flowers.” We come in all kinds of shapes and colors and sizes. Likewise, we all have different talents, strengths and needs. Like flowers, all are beautiful in their own way, but sometimes we try to put others in a box of what we think they should be when all they need is a little understanding, patience and most of all, kindness. We need to remember to help each other to develop our talents and strengths instead of giving up on someone because we “heard” working with them may be difficult. By being supportive in the way someone near us needs to be supported, we all benefit and become stronger and more unified as a community.

Here at Augusta Locally Grown, we believe that one of the best places to see the “flowers” of our community is at the farmer’s markets. At the markets, members of the community can actually meet the wonderful people who grow and produce great tasting and healthy fruits, vegetables and other fine foods. Not only that, but we also have educational opportunities such as sustainable gardening and cooking for healthy diets. So come by and see us at the following markets:

Laney Walker Farmers Market -1st Friday of every month, 4:30-7:00pm at 850 Laney Walker Blvd., Augusta, GA

Veggie Park Farmers Market Every Thursday until November, 3:30-7:00pm at 631 Chafee Ave., Augusta, GA

A Farmers Market for Alex

The last Friday of every month,

11:00am-2:00pm at

451 E. Hill St., Thomson, GA

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