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Once again we have joined hands with many partners to host our 5th annual FVRx … Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program, created and funded in partnership Wholesome Wave Georgia. This remarkable program enrolls 40 adults each year, while also helping to sustain local farmers. Harrisburg Family Healthcare acts as host to the clinical side of this program; as such, that neighborhood is our focus. However, others who are motivated to participate are encouraged to inquiry.

Qualifying participants with diet-related illnesses, such as diabetes , high blood pressure, obesity or heart disease, who are also limited in income, will receive:

  • free health visits at the clinic for six months

  • prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables for self and all family members

  • free tokens to shop for those fruits and vegetables from local farmers at the Veggie Park Farmers Market

  • monthly cooking, nutrition classes and peer support

  • healthy, low-cost recipes

  • fitness opportunities

This program has the power to significantly improve wellness and wellbeing for those who are motivated to complete the program. We are grateful to all the volunteers who help make this possible, including students and faculty from Augusta University, the Medical College of Georgia, the Augusta District Dietetic Association and Augusta Womens Health & Wellness Center.

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