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Augusta Locally Grown and Augusta To Go form a partnership

The Augusta Locally Grown and Augusta To Go partnership developed to service local communities who want direct access to locally grown food – a challenge that impacts not only individuals, but also local restaurants and, subsequently, the local economy.

Following the events of 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, access to fresh, local food has come into sharp focus for many people. One solution is a delivery option from our local online farmers market which provides farm fresh produce, meats and artisanal products to the region. Delivery is possible in-part thanks to a partnership between the nonprofit, Augusta Locally Grown (ALG) and the locally owned delivery platform Augusta To Go.

Customers can order directly through ALG - and have their purchase of local ingredients delivered straight to their door. Established at the start of the pandemic as the demand for home delivery increased, the collaboration remains an active and engaged partnership continually serving the local community and economy.

The History

Augusta Locally Grown is a local non-profit designed to connect farms and food suppliers with local individuals and families. The organization partners with a wide variety of farmers, businesses and individuals to host local food events, tours, and volunteer opportunities. They also facilitate local farmers markets, provide education and information about farming to urban farmers, hobby farmers, beginners and even local schools, and they encourage local investment and awareness in our area food suppliers.

ALG and Augusta To Go joined forces to identify areas of improvement within the market’s existing online platform and to fortify the operational practices of the non-profit’s home delivery solution. Using ALG’s existing website and the tools and experience provided by Augusta To Go’s subject matter experts (SMEs), ALG has been able to successfully meet the growing demand of its customers by streamlining their delivery solution for local farmers, improving efficiency and preventing redundancy.

Early on in the partnership, Augusta To Go and ALG recognized that the nonprofit’s delivery endeavors would greatly benefit from Augusta To Go’s insight into industry best practices and operational review but also benefit from a sustained collaboration. Each week, Augusta To Go SMEs review ALG’s delivery demand and continue to provide solutions so that our farm to fork partner is able to get locally grown foods into the kitchens of the entire Augusta region.

Farm to Fork

Fresh, local food offers multiple health benefits to the consumer, and provides a financial benefit as it encourages investing in local farmers and boosts the local economy. This is so important these days as the national supply chain has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and perhaps more so than ever before, making farm fresh food accessible is vital for many of our neighbors.

Augusta Locally Grown and Augusta To Go are supporters of the local network of food and the hyper local food supply chain – they both support and promote the development of a vibrant and engaged food-growing community. Especially as this in turn encourages new farmers to establish themselves in our communities – both organizations are aligned with local restaurants and markets, as well as local media and a network of backyard growers.

To enjoy farm fresh food and ingredients, simply head on over to the Augusta Locally Grown website at and select from a list of seasonally-available products. Depending on the time of year, the selection includes traditional and heirloom varieties of veggies, fruits, meats, legumes, dairy and more. You may even find local honey, live plants, soaps and artisan home goods. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the available products are fresh, local and sustainably farmed – you’ll get to know more about local Augusta farmers and their farms, too!

Happy shopping, and bon appetit!

*Augusta Locally Grown charges a flat fee of $10 for delivery, and currently delivers to the following zip codes: 29840, 29841, 30809, 30813, 30901, 30904, 30906, 30907, and 30912.

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